Saturday, May 19, 2012

Diamond FDA Inspection Report - Quite Disturbing!

The FDA has conducted an inspection of the Diamond Pet Food facility. This inspection was initiated after an outbreak of Salmonella Infantis was found in humans. This infection was traced back to pet food manufactured at the Diamond facility.

What they found is disturbing.
The FDA inspectors made the following observations:


All reasonable precautions are not taken to ensure that production procedures do not contribute contamination from any source.

Specifically, no microbiological analysis is conducted or there is no assurance that incoming  animal fat will not introduce pathogens into their production and cause contamination of finished product. Also, the firm's current sampling procedure for animal digest does (sic) preclude potential for adulteration after sampling and during storage in warehouse. On 4/13/12, an employee was observed touching in-line fat filter and oil with bare hands.


Failure to provide hand washing and hand sanitizing facilities at each location in the plant where needed.

Specifically, there are no facilities for hand washing or hand sanitizing in the production areas where there is direct contact with exposed finished feed/food.


Failure to maintain equipment, containers and utensils used to convey, hold, and store food in a manner that protects against contamination.

Specifically, paddles in conveyor (South or Middle conveyor leading to the screeners going to packaging) were observed to have gouges and cuts, which exhibited feed residues. The damage to the paddles may allow for harborage areas for microorganisms and are difficult to clean and sanitize.


Failure to maintain equipment so as to facilitate cleaning of the equipment. Specifically, firm utilizes cardboard, duct tape, and other non cleanable surfaces on equipment.

These materials were observed to have residues adhering. The foam gaskets around access doors to the bucket elevators were observed in deteriorating condition and exhibited an accumulation of feed residues and dust.

Read the full Form 483 report

This report shows that this facility isn't even trying to uphold a higher standard. If you are still using Diamond Pet Food brands that haven't been recalled, my recommendation would be to STOP until Diamond can get its act together.

Pet food companies need to do a better job in general. I highly doubt that this FDA report is an isolated incident. I'm sure this lack of care happens at other facilities as well.

The other issue I have is that well known companies produced some of their products here. It seems to be a common practice for pet food companies to outsource some of their products to other facilities.

Why did Natural Balance and Wellness even allow any of their products to be manufactured at this plant? Did they not have their own checks and balance system to make sure that the outside facilities they use produce at a high standard?

Companies who outsource need to tell us they do so, where they outsource and which of their products are outsourced.

In addition, pet food manufacturing facilities need to have their facilities audited twice yearly, let consumers know who the auditing company is and let the consumer know the results of the audit. This will force these companies to adhere to a higher standard and allow consumers to make educated decisions about the products they buy.

Do I feel another comparison website coming?

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