Saturday, December 8, 2012

Claudia's Cuisine Recall

Claudia’s Cuisine has issued a voluntary recall on its Dog Candy Fruit Hound Cake (7.5oz) and Dog Candy Blueberry Hound Cake (7.5oz)

These products are being recalled due to the possibility of mold contamination.

These products are sold mainly through PetSmart.

If you have any questions about this voluntary withdrawal, please call Claudia’s Cuisine’s Customer Service
at 501-851-0002 or email

Nature's Deli Recall

The FDA is warning pet owners not to feed their pets Nature's Deli Chicken Jerky Dog Treats with the lot code of BESTBY061913DEN because they may be contaminated with Salmonella.

In November 2012, a retail sample of Nature’s Deli Chicken Jerky Dog Treats lot code BESTBY061913DEN taken by the Colorado Department of Agriculture tested positive for Salmonella.

Kasel Associated Industries Inc has decline to perform a voluntary recall at this time.

This is an extension of a recall of the same treat on Oct 12, 2012.